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The Window Scrappage Scheme, is NOT a legitimate Government directive?

Be very wary of double glazing companies which offer you a Window Scrappage Scheme.

The Government does not run a scrappage scheme this is simply a marketing ploy.

The Scrappage Scheme is definitely NOT a Government scheme. No matter how old your windows are.

The ASA received a number of complaints regarding false and misleading claims.

Some companies jump on the back of the Government’s car scrappage scheme.

Deceiving customers into thinking that there is also a Government Window Scrappage option.

These companies appear to be offering up to 35% off.

Customers are also offered an additional 40% off if their home can be used as a demonstration house.

PLUS maybe £2,000 off new windows and doors.

The bogus Scheme was launched by a major National Double Glazing installation company in 2010, then again in 2013 & 2014, and still continues on occasion even today.

In 2012 a Scrappage Scheme e-petition was launched. With 4,468 signatures, however, the Scrappage Scheme was declined by the Government.

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Below is the Government response to the e-petition for The Scrappage Scheme

“The Government agrees that energy efficiency has an important part to play if we are to achieve our carbon reduction targets.

The benefits of energy efficiency for households are clear. Saving money on energy bills, reducing reliance on imported energy.

Hence helping householders reduce their carbon emissions.

There’s appears a marginal improvement in performance when replacing like-for-like double glazed windows.

Permitted by building regulations from October 2010.

A window scheme is unlikely to be cost-effective on energy efficiency and carbon savings grounds.”

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