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If you’re in need of more space at home, converting your loft to an extra room, or rooms, can make a whole lot of sense, both right now and most definitely when you come to sell.

YOU CAN CREATE more space and boost the potential value of your home with a loft conversion.

So Heres your tips how:

  1. If it’s the case that your home’s loft could be more useful to you as living space than storage, then converting is the obvious thing to do. A loft conversion will make your home more valuable and sellable, and hey if you can fit a bathroom or shower room up there, as well as a bedroom and built-in storage, you have THE perfect master or guest suite.
  2. Loft conversions cost from around £20,000 but can be a lot more, depending on your size, specification and type of conversion your home requires. The cheapest and easiest loft conversions are generally ones with just a Velux type skylight, as the line of your roof is then unchanged. However, this may not be ideal if the loft has limited space and headroom.
  3. Having to Build out the roof to create more useable space inside will give you a much more satisfactory conversion. If there are no planning restrictions, building a dormer loft conversion across the roof at the back and changing the side of the roof so it’s ‘straight’ instead of sloping will maximise the space internally.
  4. In order for your loft to be suitable for conversion, the main attic space should be at least 2.3m high, the steeper the pitch of the roof, the better it will be for conversion. Standing up in the loft and walking around will give you an indication of how much useable space there may be. You may be able to lower the ceilings in the rooms below, this can be expensive and disruptive and isn’t always practical if they’re already quite low. Another option may be to rebuild the roof to make it higher, which is also a more expensive job.
  5. You may also need space for a staircase to the loft conversion from the floor below. So if this means losing a bedroom, you may not be much better off by converting your loft. Spiral staircases can be a good space-saving solution, as can narrow (and straight) ‘space-saver’ staircases, although they aren’t necessarily practical for everyday use and are unlikely to comply with building regulations.


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