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  1. Do your research Before going to a company, spend some time looking at different types of double glazed windows and doors. As the prices vary from less than £450 up to £3,000, you might be able to shave thousands off your final bill by choosing a less pricey type.

Find out the companies most popular in your area, what companies your neighbours bought from and what price they paid. You can also visit our double glazing page and get a quote. Being informed about what you should expect to pay will help you work out whether a quote is reasonable, great, or excessive.


  1. Choose a reputable company We also asked double glazing owners to rate the company they had used, including Anglian, Everest and Safestyle, as well as independent companies and tradesmen. We found that one company was miles ahead of the others. It achieved an impressive customer score of 86%, while the bottom was on just 56%. As well as asking people how satisfied they were overall with a firm, and whether they would recommend it to a friend, we also asked them to rate key factors. This included the quality of products and installation, the knowledge of the sales staff and installers, clarity of documentation and value for money. You can see a breakdown of all our results by visiting our double glazing reviews.


  1. Get at least three quotes Don’t settle for one opinion and price – get at least three. This will give you a good idea of where the prices sit in relation to each other. Ask for the quotes to include as much detail as possible, listing any specifics and extras, so you can compare quotes easily. It’s also worth visiting showrooms if you can, and asking as many questions as possible. This will give you a good idea of what the company is like and whether its staff know their stuff.


  1. Don’t feel pressured to sign on the spot We’ve heard of instances where salespeople will quote a high price and drop it dramatically over the course of the visit. Don’t be taken in by this tactic. Signing on the spot won’t give you time to think about the offer and compare prices.


  1. Check your rights when buying double glazing When buying double glazing that is made to your specifications, which applies to a lot of cases, companies don’t legally have to give you the right to cancel. This is also the case if you sign an ‘on-premises’ contract – this could apply if a trader has visited your home to give you a quote, but you’ve signed the contract at a later date. The type of contract you sign can also affect how much information companies are legally obliged to give to you. But traders will have to abide by anything in a contract, so get as much as you can in writing.





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